A variety of life wisdom

Monday 15 June 2020

If you've ever eaten strawberries at home, you'll know that you're not eating them from the tip of the strawberry, but from the hemmed side. , eating them will give you the full flavor of strawberries. Also, if you keep apples and bananas together, the ethylene gas in the apples will cause the yellow bananas to Be careful when you buy yellow bananas, because they turn brown quickly. Some places might even sell green bananas, but if you do, you can use the apple The closer you keep them, the faster they turn yellow.


Also, if you eat the strawberries from the calyx rather than the tip, you can eat them from the calyx. The sourer to the sweetest, the better. This method is the best way to eat strawberries, so it's good to remember.


An easy way to separate the egg whites from the yolks is to use a plastic bottle that you no longer need and The first thing to do is to use a softener. But be careful not to make it too soft or it won't come back to its original shape when it's dented. Crack an egg onto a plate and place it with the drinking part of an empty plastic bottle down on the floor. If you put it on top and suck it all at once, only the yolk will go into the plastic bottle. Put it on the bottle where you need it, and put the bottle in the right place, then the yolk will come out of the bottle without being crushed. It comes.


To effectively save money for life, don't even buy extra things when you shop. is important. When you go to a supermarket or a convenience store, you end up buying unnecessary things, so you waste a lot of money. You will be unable to save money as a result. You need to be very careful, especially with the ones next to the cash register, because you can't help but get your hands on them.


A refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a lot of electricity if you put it in too tightly. will be. So, quit hoarding in the fridge, and make sure you have enough to eat in a couple of days and It's better to keep them on hand so you don't spend as much on electricity.


If you're smart, when you go shopping, you can get a discount sticker on your shopping trip in the evening so you can shop for half the original price.